We are an Insured and Certified Drone Operator with a
Transport Canada License.

Weather conditions and Site Location will prevail.

We are not performing Drone Work during the Winter Months.

Canadian Government Drone Operator Regulations:

Drone pilots, flying for work or research, need to apply for a
Special Flight Operators Certificate.

“If you fly your drone for work, you must get a Special Flight Operations Certificate“.
If you fly a drone for profit without a “FOC”, you may be fined up to $5,000 for a person and $25,000 for a corporation.
When flying a non-recreational drone (legally called an Unmanned Air Vehicle or UAV) in Canada, you must
follow the rules in the Canadian Aviation Regulations: section 602.41. You could face serious penalties, including up to $25,000 in fines and/or jail time without a FOC. What is commercial use of UAS?
Any commercial use in connection with any business, including:
Selling photos or videos taken from a UAS for Professional real estate or wedding photography.
In essence, this means that commercial drone use applies to any use of a drone from which you hope to profit.

Drone safety – Transport Canada

Information on flying drones, unmanned air vehicles or unmanned aircraft systems for recreation, work, or research