Rick A Chez on-site Matterport Camera Video Session.

Click on the Matterport Camera and Play an On-Site Matterport Demo


3D Interactive Matterport Dollhouse

We provide you with a 3D interactive model of your space.
Click or Touch to navigate around the Plan.
Zoom in and "walkabout" as if you were inside the space.

Note that all scans must relate back to previous Scans
and some outside Scans may not work due to direct UV sunlight.
2D Non-Interactive Photos will then be used to stitch the Model together.
Example: connecting an outside Couch House or Garage.
This may affect the final PDF Floor Plan which needs to see all 3D Scans together.


Measuring Tool
Measure Space or Objects



Matterport Teaser Video for YOUR Social Media Advertising

Click to View


Your Branded Floor Plan is INCLUDED
An OPTIONL 3D Floor Plan and Site Plan is available.

We also provide you with a PDF Floor Plan of your area.
Branded with Realtor Information, Compass, and QR Code.
(Sizes are Approximate and For Illustration Only)
Floor Plans take 2 - 3 days from Monday to Friday


Optional 3D Interactive Virtual Staging
Includes a Branded Web Page Link.

Optional 3D Floor Plan Available with Simulated Furniture and Measurements.



High Resolution Photos

We provide you with 25 to 50 or more HR Digital Photos.
Photos can be altered in our Studio.
No need for Photographer's Revisit.


Your Branded QR Code

We also provide you with a Branded QR Code including the Video Link.
Use it for Publishing to Feature Sheets, Literature, Signage Floor Plans, etc..

(QR Code Scanners are available for Android and Apple)



Ask for more details, or see our Pricing Plan Page.